Psychology of game: When to EXUDE alpha

You will find a metric shit-ton of information on the Internet about the alpha male mindset and how to be an alpha man to “game” girls, but can you rely on that intel? Who knows… maybe? Go try it out and report back, please.

What I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty is that you won’t find anything in peer-reviewed research papers about alpha-anything or guys gaming jack shit. It’s simply not discussed in those terms, and in fact, there’s widespread denial within the social science community that such a thing as an alpha male even applies to humans. In our “everyone’s equal—choose your own gender” politically correct society, it wouldn’t be very progressive to think we humans respond to primal urges like the rest of the animal kingdom, would it? If you think that’s fucking stupid, you are correct, but that’s the reasoning behind why you won’t hear a social scientist drop the “A-bomb” or see him use the phrase, alpha male, in any of his research papers.

For whatever reason, the social science establishment gets its rocks off by perpetuating the myth that the human brain is impervious to the forces that drive the instinctual behaviors of the animal kingdom at large. University psychology departments get warm tummy fuzzies and wrought iron kumbaya boners squelching anyone’s insinuation that “nice guys finish last” or that a woman would rather fuck a strong aggressive man than his weak and cowardly counterpart. “Don’t worry, wimpy guys,” they say, “women can see past appearances to judge what’s really important!

The inconvenient truth for social science (and wimpy guys), is that the alpha male is a real phenomenon among humans, too. We’re not exempt just because we have high cognitive functioning. It’s ingrained deep in our brain stems, and it’s that which drives our mate selection behaviors just as it does with other creatures. That’s a fact; the data supports it. It’s just a damn shame our politically correct academic environment prohibits us from openly acknowledging it.

Fortunately, there is a contingent of social scientists—myself included—who remain open to the idea that humans are not exempt from the evolutionary forces that influence mate selection across the rest of the animal kingdom. And we do study it, albeit incognito. How? We just steer clear of using the phrase, alpha male. Instead, we refer to traits that describe the alpha mindset and behaviors, like socially dominant and aggressive. It sucks that we can’t come right out and say what we mean, but it is what it is… at least we don’t need code words to write about the long-term implications of losing one’s virginity to a revolting skank.

The graphic that follows touches on neither virginity nor skanks (sorry!), but it does hilariously highlight a handful of empirical research findings that shed light on when and why chicks dig alpha males and signs she is interested in them. And just to be perfectly clear, none of the information that follows is based on my opinion. It’s all been gathered from empirical research on alpha male traits.
when to exude alpha male qualities and signs she is secretly attracted to you


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